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Imagine it's 10pm and you feel the sudden onset of a severe toothache.

What if instead of spending hours in a hospital emergency room, you could be treated quickly by a dentist trained in emergency dental care?​

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If you’ve chipped or broken a tooth, make sure to try to save the broken or chipped part. A warm water rinse and applying gauze to the site if it is bleeding may also help. If you are in pain, you can also try applying a cold compress on your face in the area near the tooth. This is one of the dental emergencies where being seen by a dentist as soon as possible is imperative.

Dental pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It can be indicative of several things – tooth decay, an infection of the gums, or something else. A warm water rinse and a cold compress is recommended to help relieve pain. If you notice any swelling, you should seek urgent dental care.

If you’ve knocked out a tooth completely – ensure that you save that tooth! Keep the tooth in a sealed container filled with milk to help preserve it and bring with you to your emergency dental appointment. The sooner you are able to see a dentist for your knocked out tooth, the better your chances of saving and restoring the tooth are.

If you’re one of the many people who have a filling or crown in their mouth, you’re probably aware that it is possible for them to fall out. You want to make sure to treat this right away so that there is no further damage and to reduce the risk of infection. This could also be a sign that another cavity has formed in your tooth, and can be uncomfortable or painful or cause sensitivity.

These can range from a toothache, swelling, broken or knocked out tooth, or dental bleeding – whatever the case may be, EmergDENT is there to help ease your mind and help treat your child’s dental emergency as quickly and comfortably as possible. We’re available after-hours to ensure you are able to get peace of mind and treatment that is needed for your child.​

Though rare, orthodontic emergencies do happen. This can be described as intense pain or broken braces or appliances that you aren’t able to fix on your own. It’s best to ice the affected area if it is causing you pain, and call us as soon as possible.

Sometimes dental emergencies happen at the worst possible moment – before a flight, a weekend wedding, or another major event that requires you to look and feel your best. We can help with these and other time sensitive dental concerns.

The best thing to do in any dental emergency is to see a dentist as quickly as possible. Other potential dental emergencies requiring immediate care include abcessed gums, impacted wisdom teeth, broken orthodontic appliance, stuck objects, or bleeding or pain after an extraction. If you experience any of these, we can help.


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If needed, we can connect you with an experienced dentist over the phone to assess your dental concern with no travel required. Convenient and quick option to evaluate your emergency from anywhere in Ontario.

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What our happy patients say about us

I wanted to express my appreciation & admiration for the wonderful service your clinic provides – especially during a pandemic!I was moved by your professionalism, kindness, and flexibility. I lost a major filling while dealing with a family crisis, and you were able to fit me in immediately. Thank you so much!

Jenny B.

Dr. Guido is an excellent professional, I was put at ease almost immediately. Everything was explained very well, the tooth was extracted very quickly, with no pain! I would trust this expert 100% and he is also kind. The dental assistant was amazing and both of them gave up their Thanksgiving weekend to help those in need.

Susan M.

These people are awesome! I called them late at night on a public holiday, and they saw me within 30 minutes. Reception, Assistant, Dentist, all wonderful people. The diagnosis was quick and they got me on my way. On top of that, they emailed my x-rays to me the next day, without me asking, something I've never seen from any other dentist.

Jamie A.

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